Camille Cazin

Foundation Inventor

Cam has always loved blocked situations – that moment when you are being told “nope, we are not going to make it, it’s impossible”.

That is when you see the spark in her eyes, because she believes it is in the biggest challenges that one finds the most innovative solutions. 

Those solutions cannot be discovered alone; and it’s this need for a collective conscience which she fell in love with. Cam started to study the theories and methodologies which sit behind an innovation process, by doing a Masters degree in Innovation Management in Paris, where she is born. Then, leaving her books to put her knowledge into practice, she worked in innovation centres in various industries such as insurance and transport. 

Freshly arrived in London, Cam has positive and infectious energy in abundance, which comes with a pinch of humour “à la Française”. Beyond work, if she isn’t testing new recipes at home, she’ll most likely be found practicing her Portuguese (her new learning challenge) or planning her next scuba diving trip! 


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