Cameron Hughes

CEO, Asia

Cameron leads our team of bright, passionate, Asia-based innovators. He has a passion for building world class brands, products and businesses. Since arriving in Asia in November 2016, he has championed the coming together of human innovation with technology, and is fostering new partnerships and a bold inventing spirit to drive growth for the group across the region.

Cameron started his career in political consultancy before working in advertising and finally running the marketing for EDF Energy in the UK. There, he managed to lead a transformation of marketing for the group, rebranding the company, launching a series of disruptive innovations and ultimately turning a loss-making entity into a profit.

His most passionate and enduring love, however, is surfing in the tropical waters of Bali.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Love:
It’s my love of solving thorny business problems for some of the world’s best companies that keeps me coming back to ?What If! every day. Many of our clients come to us when they are stuck, in need of a creative jolt and a fresh perspective. That fires me up.

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