Arvid Klein


Driven by curiosity, Arvid loves to explore any topic to demystify consumer behaviour and see what’s really going on. Arvid aspires to transform consumer driven ideas into tangible and commercially valuable concepts that solve issues and excite consumers.

Prior to joining the ?What If! family, Arvid worked at a start-up, change management & marketing/branding consultancies, a design thinking agency and an innovation agency.  Arvid’s interest in human behaviour, innovation and design was sparked at Bangor University, where he spent a year researching entrepreneurship, design thinking and consumer psychology. He went on to pursue his passion at Leiden University, where he received a M.Sc. in Economic and Consumer Psychology.

When Arvid isn’t busy helping clients to shape the new normal, he can be found playing the drums, keeping himself fit through powerlifting/calisthenics, exploring new cultures, foods and music while traveling.

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