Ara Weinberg


Ara has an intuitive sense of people, which makes her particularly great at working with both colleagues and clients. She seeks out fresh experiences, has eagle eyes for anything new and innovative and loves sharing these discoveries with others. At ?What If!, Ara has contributed significantly to the growth of the business and, in turn, has grown herself. Throughout her tenure, Ara has worked extensively in healthcare, but also brings her varied cross-category experience to each new challenge. She has worked in beauty to reposition a top global makeup brand for the modern user, with a major health insurer to ensure leadership and progress by bringing the behaviors and tools of innovation to their entire workforce, and with a number of clients to integrate and optimize their experience with ?What If!’s digital learning platform, wijo.

Before joining ?What If!, Ara spent a number of years in advertising, marketing to an often challenging, frequently fickle, but always fun target: kids.

Today, when she’s not starting up groundbreaking new ?What If! programs, Ara and her husband Eric exert most of their remaining energy playing with their two young children and teaching themselves how to make maple sugar in their backyard in Croton-On-Hudson, NY.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:
I found my passion for insight early in my innovation career while I was working with a major pharmaceuticals company to uncover the needs of Schizophrenic patients for future molecule development. Connecting deeply with these patients to create real products that could change their lives opened my eyes to the power of ?What If! work.

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