Anouska Margolis

Foundation Inventor

Anouska’s passion for people, psychology & neuroscience, is what led her to her role at ?What If!. She loves understanding human behaviour and getting to the bottom of the ‘why’ underneath a problem, that drives how people act, think and speak. 

Whether it be unearthing future trends in the alcohol industry or helping pharmaceutical companies empower employees to adopt new behaviours & processes, Anouska is driven by her belief that there’s always a new way of doing things if you dare to think outside the limits of conventional behaviour. She attributes her ability to get inside the mind of a consumer to her background in Planning & Strategy in marketing agencies, which allowed her to hone her craft in storytelling and creating human centric solutions. 

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most adventure was just a month into my role here and being sent across different cities in Spain for 3 weeks on immersions, to really live the insight on the ground and step into the shoes of our consumers. Intense, for sure, but I’d challenge you to find a better learning experience! 

Outside of ?What If! you’ll find Anouska either in the gym, scouting out every street food market London’s has to offer or perusing book shops in her defiance to give into Kindle. 


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