Anna Nicholas


Anna is passionate about becoming an expert in every single element of the customer experience. This fearless enthusiasm is what helps her draw out invaluable insights from consumer immersions. A project highlight includes immersing herself in the lives of new Nigerian mothers in Lagos, extracting nuanced insights that underpin deep motivation and purchase drivers within the baby formula category. This led to a powerful bank of compelling consumer insight to inform pack innovation in a tightly controlled category.

Anna came armed to ?What If! with a diverse range of experience. From Management Consultancy and participating in a multi-million-pound data transformation project to a London Activity Manager, strategizing how to creatively engage hundreds of non-English students visiting the capital, Anna has a knack for finding innovative ways to spark change within people and organisations.


The ?! moment I’ve felt the greatest Passion:                                                                                                                                     I left London with a one-way ticket to Cape Town, South Africa. I navigated my way solo across the continent to 10 African countries in 10 weeks. From Giraffes and elephants crossing the road in Zimbabwe to infiltrating a Tanzanian wedding in Zanzibar, I learned something new at every corner.

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