Andy Whatley

COO/CFO, Europe

Andy is passionate about making people businesses successful and fervently believes that there is a virtuous circle between brilliant people and commercial success. Leading our Finance, Commercial and Technology teams, Andy impacts many aspects of ?What If! including: business strategy, client relationships, operations, our partner organisations, and commercials.

Before ?What If!, Andy worked with a variety of businesses from PwC, network Marketing Agencies and VC backed digital businesses. This range of experience gives Andy a broad perspective on the drivers of commercial success for both large and small business – and how to bring those into one place. He is a graduate of Durham University and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PwC.

Outside of work, Andy is husband to Claire, Dad to Izzy and Edie, and walker of Molly (a boisterous Wheaten Terrier). He’s a lover of good food, the great outdoors, and can occasionally be found on the golf course.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Audacity:
At ?What If! the everyday standards that the team apply are incredible. Strictly speaking this isn’t a “moment” so much as a permanent state. It has resulted in truly ground breaking projects and is extraordinarily inspirational.

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