amanda kou

Amanda Kou

Lead Inventor

As a kid, Amanda loved arts and crafts. She would collect random boxes, containers, and packaging and then cut, glue, and paint the whole mess together to create something completely different. She brings this same out-of-the-box, cut-around-the-box, completely-hack-the-box thinking to inventing at ?What If!. As a member of our commercial team, she is also hyper-organized, quantitatively driven, and can project manage like it’s nobody’s business. Always keen to find the greatest impact for our clients’ bottom line, she has brought her analytical prowess to forecasting profitability for a start up subscription box service and sizing the emerging sharing economy insurance market.

Before joining the ?What If! world, Amanda previously worked as a management consultant in strategy and operations and received her MPH from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

There’s also a playful side to Amanda that loves to draw on walls, do impromptu energizers in the basement, and kick around ideas with her coworkers. If you’re looking for Amanda outside the ?What If! walls, she’s probably busy trying to balance on her head or actually in a yoga class.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
Whether it’s insights gathered during makeover safaris or an oompa loompa wig made out of leftover green bubble wrap hacked for a company video, I’m constantly amazed by the people around me and their ability to go beyond the expected. It’s the adventure that really drives me at ?What If!.

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