Alfred Wang


Alfred holds infinite passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. He never doubts the vitality and significance of entrepreneurship for fully-matured organizations or new-born ventures. His critical thinking, curatorial mind and empathy, drives him to meet challenges with thoughtfulness and audacity.

Prior to joining ?What IF!, Alfred was a trainee at PwC consulting service where he specialised in transformation and marketing strategy for New Retail and Cross-border E-commerce. Prior to that, he helped hundreds of people in need by managing 8 social enterprise projects, and during his gap year he operated a startup lunch delivery platform. Alfred possesses two master’s degrees, MSc Innovation Entrepreneurship and Management from Imperial College London and MSc Public Policy from UCL.

Beyond work, he loves experiential travel to explore various cultures and lifestyles. As a foodie, Alfred enjoys all kinds of gourmet cuisine from fine dining to street food.


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