alex pellew

Alex Pellew

Lead Inventor

Alex believes that to solve the toughest business problems you need to be slightly voyeuristic (intrigued by what makes people tick) and obsessive (having an unerring focus on finding value and how to turn it into real-world difference). Over his 7 years at ?What If! Alex has helped create Ireland’s fastest growing mobile phone network for Telefonica and helped IHG turn hotel Indigo into a multi award winning, market leading boutique hotel… amongst many other things.

Prior to ?What If! Alex headed up football brand marketing at Nike, leading to sector dominance through putting the consumer at the heart of the business.  He has also led the Adidas and John Smith’s advertising accounts, developing the legendary ‘No Nonsense’ campaign.

In his spare time Alex has written a best-selling book ‘The Idea In You’, created a loyalty app and has a new location technology business under his belt.  He currently runs a start-up sports events company with his soon to be wife.

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