Alenka Abraham-Cubitt

Personal Assistant

Alenka likes a tightly run ship; and 10 years of managing her own start-up have taught her many things. Top of the list is the importance of personal relationships and the need for lateral thinking. 

Having started as a runner while studying at university, Alenka worked her way up through the ranks, ultimately overseeing industry-renowned projects such as HeartWorks, a revolutionary cardiac ultrasound simulator that harnessed the power of cutting-edge games technology to create a revolutionary simulator for cardiac training. She went on to co-found Existential Ltd, a creative software development company. Over the next ten years Existential built up an eclectic portfolio working on a wide range of software projects spanning fine art, point of sales, realtime interactive installation to name but a few. 

Alenka is proactive and likes making things happen. Tasks will get done even when she is faced with extremely complicated and challenging situations (like dressing her two-year-old son). 

Alenka balances being ‘Mummy’ with working life. She is regularly reminded that arts and crafts, fancy dress and swimming are as important as the more serious work-related activities! 

If she does have some spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, working out, baking (tastiest carrot cake!) and scaling Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Alenka’s the cool-headed character that everyone wants on hand in a crisis. 


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