Foundation Inventor

Location: Netherlands
Posted: 08 March 2021


?What If! are a part of the Accenture Innovation Network in Strategy and Consulting.

We are innovators who ask and answer the ?What If! questions that help organisations imagine new growth futures – and we work with Accenture to make them a reality. We believe the organisations that will be successful are those who lead, experiment, adapt and learn, innovating from both the inside out and the outside in. We help organisations with future readiness by using an experimentation-led approach to build growth futures (vision, products, services, brands, ventures) and create growth cultures (leadership, culture, capabilities). We are here to innovate at scale, which means rolling our sleeves up to create the impact we want to see in the world.

You are an aspiring innovator.
A creative thinker with a restless desire to deliver impact for clients, their organisations, and the project teams you are working with. You are problem obsessed and possess a constant nagging curiosity to both understand and change the world. You are entrepreneurial with a learner’s mindset – confidently coming up with ideas, testing them and learning where they fail. You care about experience, connecting clients with their consumers & employees, and delivering work that has meaning. And, you are all over the small details that make a project a success, you aren’t scared to roll your sleeves up, drive the logistics, and manage a budget.

The role - Foundation Inventor
Our Foundation Inventors are the ‘foundation’ of every project. They work to deliver the overall project – from project management & logistics, to designing immersive & engaging experiences, to researching trends & speaking to consumers. Providing the structure to support smooth project delivery, and the provocation needed to inspire client curiosity and playfulness.
Our Foundation Inventors work with their project teams to diagnose client innovation challenges. Working to reconnect our clients to their employees and consumers, and helping them understand their needs, before guiding them to come up with commercial solutions that they can test and learn from.

Knowledge and IP

  • An understanding of the importance of bringing a learner’s mindset to innovation
  • An ability to work with the team to diagnose what needs to be learned for the challenge at hand
  • An ability to creatively design an experiment
  • A strong interest in working with the team to use methodology to synthesize impactful insights
  • A solid understanding of how a project engagement runs, and how to properly manage it


  • Enables the team to design and run impactful client sessions
  • Cognizant of client dynamics to understand how to bring your whole self in the right way to client interactions
  • A sense of pride and desire to share your work and findings passionately to the team or clients


  • Leads the project and budget management, updating the Lead on the project accordingly
  • Works smart and efficiently to time-allotted in work plan


  • A passion for innovation and creating impactful solutions to the hairiest problems
  • An entrepreneurial, “go out and do” attitude
  • Is happy to get their hands dirty – whether it’s with printing and hanging information for a client session, or putting together a prototype for use in an experiment
  • Is independently resourceful in getting secondary research, or planning an experiment or client experience
  • An organised ability to manage complex logistics
  • Fearless in having a strong opinion, but humble enough to hold it lightly
  • An ability and desire to bring their “full self” to project teams


  • We are looking for candidates with at least 1-2 Years' experience post education.
  • Our Foundation Inventors have come from a variety of backgrounds, from teachers to charity workers, project managers to social media whizzs'.
  • We love people who are inquisitive, hungry to learn and ready to absorb. Filled with gumption, bravery, and humility. You will need to have the ability to go from packing kit to presenting to the CEO of a business within the same day.
  • ?What If!ers are united by 5 core values - Adventure, Impact, Passion, Love & Audacity and these come across in every project we produce as well as everyone we recruit.


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