Inventing Coordinator

Department: Inventing
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 03 March 2020


What happens when experiments become real? For over 25 years, we’ve partnered with organisations who are hungry for growth, working with them to invent new products, services, business models and behaviours.

We use an experimentation-led approach to define the strategy, create the inventions and change the culture to turn organisations into human powered experimentation engines.

Our values are embedded in our DNA and inform all of our decision making, not the least of which is recruitment. They are not just written on job specs, but truths that we live by every day. These values, combined with the attributes we believe make great innovators – our People Philosophy, guide our hiring process.

Inventing Coordinators - (n.) Organiser, Researcher, Creator, State Maker.

Our Inventing Coordinators are with us for a year. Their job is to support our Inventing Directors, and to learn.

The attributes which make up a great Inventing Coordinator

  • Life-long learners. People who put their hands up, and up again. 
  • Those who understand the importance of the big jobs and the small jobs. Who are confident enough to work with senior innovation experts and comfortable enough having an opinion around them. 
  • Deep Listeners. Who hear what hasn’t been said as much as what has been. 
  • Organisational gods. With an eye for detail. 
  • People people, who can put themselves in other’s shoes. 
  • Experience planners who understand the value of bringing others on a journey.
  • People who don’t get stressed at helping demystify tech for others, or the printer. Who know their way around a PPT and an inbox.
  • Mature souls, who can see the possibilities of what this could lead to.

Sounds like you? This is what you would be doing -

You will spend months mastering diary management, PPT skills and managing client relationships. Learning about how best to leverage your Directors and the rest of the Coordinator team. You will cover the front desk, dip in and out of projects, pack numerous kits and print hundreds of pieces of stimulus. 

And after a while… 
You will continue to do it, but at a quicker, slicker rate. 

And then, something will start to shift. 
Through a combination of trust and proactivity you will start to be given exposure to the most interesting innovation briefs and projects. 

  • You will learn about new business. How we blueprint projects. How run our innovation process. How we client plan. How we design. How our business works. 
  • You will step in as a Foundation Inventor. You’ll be a stimulus creator & a researcher. 
  • You will listen. Read. Shadow meetings. Write notes. Join calls. And keep asking what next. 
  • You will network. Explore your passions. Push yourself. And carve your path.

The result?

For some, a journey to becoming an Innovation expert, by moving into our Foundation Inventor role.

For others, a journey of professional exploration. Learning about business, leadership, consultants, our clients and other industries can both open doors both in your mind, and in your network. We will coach you to explore possibilities.

Previous Inventing Coordinators have gone on to work at market research agencies, VC incubators & in our people team. 

Plus, you’ll get 25 days holiday, up to 5% matched pension, private Medical Insurance, Life assurance, Discount on a Gym Membership, Perks at Work and a salary to go with it. 



Never stop asking ?What If?

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