Senior Researcher

Location: Netherlands
Posted: 27 August 2021


?What If! are a part of the Accenture Innovation Network in Strategy and Consulting

We are innovators who ask and answer the ?What If! questions that help organisations imagine new growth futures – and we work with Accenture to make them a reality. We believe the organisations that will be successful are those who lead, experiment, adapt and learn, innovating from both the inside out and the outside in. We help organisations with future readiness by using an experimentation-led approach to build growth futures (vision, products, services, brands, ventures) and create growth cultures (leadership, culture, capabilities). We are here to innovate at scale, which means rolling our sleeves up to create the impact we want to see in the world.

The role - Senior Researcher
You will operate as a Senior Researcher within our quantitative research team.
You will:

  • Use your broad knowledge of research methods (quantitative, and at times qualitative) & marketing knowledge to support our clients in understanding & solving their challenges
  • Build a presence within ?What If!: you will share knowledge and pro-actively look for opportunities to grow and improve the company
  • Train Junior / Medior researchers on the job: sharing knowledge and carrying our way of working forward - in consultation with the team manager
  • Check and discuss questionnaires, top lines and full reports that our Junior/Medior researchers have made, and help them improve if needed
  • Write strong, sharp and data-exceeding conclusions and recommendations that answer the client’s research questions so they know how to move forward
  • Take the client through the findings and leave them confident with next steps
  • Be a sparring partner for the sales team when writing proposals and visiting (potential) clients
  • Be a sparring partner for your client: being able to advise them on research setups and next steps after the results are in
  • Understand the categories / brands you are working on and keep track of developments in the world of our clients and of research
  • Present the company as much as possible on seminars, workshops and through this pro-actively look for opportunities and follow up on these together with an account manager

What future success will look like:

  • You will be capable of making proposals that cover the client’s objective and summarise our approach in an understandable and concise manner
  • You will have the confidence & credibility to assist ?What If! directors / Accenture managers & MDs in selling-in research projects into the scope of larger projects


  • You have a broad knowledge of research methods (quantitative, but also basic knowledge of when to use qualitative methods) and when to use them
  • You have broad marketing knowledge and understanding of the challenges clients face within their organisation
  • You have great presentation skills
  • You are fluent in English (market research language)
  • We are looking for people who are passionate and deeply curious about consumers - understanding them and making their lives better
  • ?What If!ers are united by 5 core values - Adventure, Impact, Passion, Love & Audacity and these come across in every project we produce as well as everyone we recruit


Never stop asking ?What If?

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