Department: Client Facing
Location: China
Posted: 30 June 2021


?What If! are a part of the Accenture Innovation Network in Strategy and Consulting.
We are innovators who ask and answer the ?What If! questions that help organisations imagine new growth futures – and we work with Accenture to make them a reality. We believe the organisations that will be successful are those who lead, experiment, adapt and learn, innovating from both the inside out and the outside in. We help organisations for future readiness by using an experimentation-led approach to build growth futures (vision, products, services, brands, ventures) and create growth cultures (leadership, culture, capabilities). We are here to innovate at scale, which means rolling our sleeves up to create the impact we want to see in the world.

You are an innovator.
A proven creative thinker with the versatility and skills proficiency to collaborate and experiment on a multitude of project and client types. Comfortable blending a creative and strategic approach to solving organisations problems; you’re an insight savvy storyteller, an expansive idea generator, and a people developer. You are problem obsessed, with a restless desire to deliver impact for the organisations, clients and the project teams you work with.

The role - Inventor

Knowledge and IP

  • An eye for insight and the knowledge of where to go look for it
  • Passion for innovation in the world and ability to create powerful ideas for clients
  • A head for the commercial factors that affect our clients and their business
  • Ability to define key assumptions of an idea and design relevant experiments to test them
  • Master storyteller and story-crafter
  • Helps to lead client thinking
  • Creates and owns workshop day plans
  • Master of project logistics
  • Brings a learner’s mindset


  • Sets strong example of ‘how to be’ in any client situation, and at a moment’s notice
  • Successfully manages up and out within projects
  • Positively challenges and builds on the thinking of senior leadership
  • Strong facilitator of consumer and client sessions
  • Optimises internal ?What If! resources for project work
  • Displays infectious passion for innovation


  • Spots new business opportunities and proactively manages them through the Compass team
  • Supports other inventors on key client relationships to support biz dev efforts
  • Successfully leads innovation thinking for Manager-Level clients
  • Has and contributes to the ?What If! POV at every stage of a project
  • Writes clear POV-led proposals
  • Builds client relationships even after project is complete


  • Manages project budgets
  • Manages Foundation Inventors and realness throughout project
  • Works smart and efficiently to time-allotted in work plan


Here’s what you need:

  • Minimum 4 years business experience in strategic consulting, growth focused work, insight, branding, and/or innovation experience as well as a track record for developing new products, services and solutions to business problems. 
  • At least 1 year experience managing junior members of a team.

Bonus points if:

  • You are an idea generator comfortable working in an iterative way.  
  • You are constantly curious about the world and use that curiosity in a truly productive way. 
  • You are a quick learner, comfortable with ambiguous briefs, and can adapt and pivot quickly when their assumptions or expectations are challenged.
  • You are united by our 5 core values - Adventure, Impact, Passion, Love & Audacity and these come across in every project we produce as well as everyone we recruit.


Never stop asking ?What If?

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