Process doesn’t innovate–people do.


t takes a diverse set of skills, personalities and points of view to build a humming innovation ecosystem. We’re powered by our people—an energized group of innovation activists, original thinkers and passionate practitioners.

  • Dave_allan_small
    London Dave Allan Founder and Chairman
  • Male_placeholder_small
    London Manuela Antunes Inventor
  • Claire-bailey-2
    London Claire Bailey Inventor
  • Abigail-bigelow-small
    London Abigail Bigelow Client Finance Manager
  • Nicola-bradley-small
    London Nicola Bradley Producer
  • Laura_cameron_small
    London Laura Cameron Lead Inventor
  • Female-placeholder_small
    London Ffion Casey People Team Assistant
  • Male_placeholder_small
    London Ben Chappell Inventor
  • Jonathan_cooper_small
    London Jon Cooper Systems Analyst
  • Female-placeholder_small
    London Jessica Croucher Inventor
  • Emily-dent-small
    London Emily Dent Lead Inventor
  • Lucy-hall-small
    London Lucy Hall Producer Team Manager
  • Julia_hoare_small
    London Julia Hoare Corporate Officer
  • Tara_jackson_small
    London Tara Jackson Inventor
  • Matt_kingdon_small
    London Matt Kingdon Founder and Chairman
  • Harry-lloyd_small
    London Harry Lloyd Inventor
  • Lil_pawson_small
    London Lil Lusty Inventor
  • Nick-mangoo-small
    London Nick Manjoo IT Manager
  • Jenny-max-small
    London Jenny Max Personal Assistant
  • Joey_maynard
    London Joey Maynard Finance Assistant
  • Ed_mehmed_small
    London Ed Mehmed Lead Inventor
  • Tim-morrell_small
    London Tim Morrell Inventor
  • Sal_pajwani_small
    London Salil Pajwani Global Chief Client Officer
  • Alex_pellew
    London Alex Pellew Lead Inventor
  • Jon_platt
    London Jon Platt Director
  • Nina_powell_small
    London Nina Powell Director
  • Steve_prosser_small
    London Steve Prosser Senior Designer
  • Elizabeth_real_small
    London Elizabeth Real Managing Director
  • Maddi_riddell_small
    London Maddi Riddell Practice Director
  • Tobias_rooney_small
    London Tobias Rooney Director
  • David-roycroft_small
    London Dave Roycroft Lead Inventor
  • Louisa_sellon_small
    London Louisa Sellon Lead Producer
  • Nick_smith_small
    London Nick Smith Director
  • Sally-ann_stucke_small
    London Sally-Ann Stucke People Team Manager
  • Andy_whatley
    London Andy Whatley European Finance and Commercial Director

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