Salil Pajwani

Global Chief Client Officer

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al has had a bird's eye view of most of the work ?What If! has done globally since its inception, having been involved in running and growing the company from the very early days. Sal has seen at close hand a huge range of innovation programmes and projects across a variety of clients, sectors and geographies and during this time he has also led the growth of ?What If! from a 10-person start-up into a 200 person international firm.

As Partner, Sal brings his immense creative talent to ?What If!'s largest and most global client relationships. His big passion and emphasis is around the identification and attraction of top innovation talent. He has led or been involved in the recruitment of most of our senior people across the world.

After leaving Cambridge, Sal worked for Procter & Gamble and Diageo in the UK, India and in France. His reason for making the jump to ?What If! was a desire to focus on innovation and shake up the way business is done.

Sal is married with two sons and a black cocker spaniel. His older son, Jonti, is achieving what Sal has consistently failed to achieve on a cricket pitch. His younger son, Jesse, has the debating (and arguing) skills of a future dictator of an autocratic regime. His dog, Domino, is not interested in cricket or autocracy and spends most of his time thinking about food.