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s an innovation practitioner with extensive international experience and co-founder of ?What If!’s US business, Nina practices what she preaches. She combines entrepreneurial experience with big business inventing to conceive and deliver creative and strategic ideas that deliver real impact. Her ability to bridge the worlds of consumer insight, commercial inventing and organisational innovation gives her a unique perspective and her partners an unusual advantage.

Since joining ?What If! in 1997, Nina has helped create growth platforms for companies in categories as diverse as airlines, publishing, healthcare, energy and retail. She was Deputy Managing Director of the UK business before deciding it was time for an entrepreneurial adventure—moving to New York in 2004 to co-found ?What If! USA, which quickly established itself as a significant presence in the US market. Most recently, Nina returned to her London roots to help clients develop innovation strategies for the European and global markets.

Now home, Nina enjoys discovering London anew, the odd trip back to her other hometown of NYC, and looks forward to long weekends exploring Europe!