Nicola Bradley


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icola’s caring and creative nature coupled with an inquisitive streak results in her willingness to support and learn from the people she works with and input her enthusiasm into challenges of any shape and size.

Before joining ?What If! Nicola studied BA Product Design at Central Saint Martins College. She reveled in tackling customer-focused briefs, and nurturing ideas from initial spark of insight to final 3D prototype, working for clients such as Heinz and Nokia. Upon graduation, Nicola joined the Innovation Department at Cancer Research UK where she worked in the charity sector for 6 months. Nicola assisted with the creation of new fundraising propositions and the delivery of a pioneering product that enables supporters to assist scientists in classifying important data.

In her spare time, Nicola can be found keeping actively creative by exercising her designing and crafting skills via sewing, knitting, the occasional DIY and the more than occasional baking, much to the delight of her family and friends!