New York

Matt Shenk

Senior Producer

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ifted in the art of problem solving, Matt eschews thinking inside boxes—unless, of course, a box is what’s called for. He takes a creative-minded approach to staying one step ahead of problems and ensuring that the creative machine at ?What If! always runs smoothly—all with an infectious enthusiasm and relentless work ethic.

Matt comes to the New York office’s from the world of television production, where he has experience in all things A/V and just about everything else from setting up dishes of dentures for informercials to sourcing dry ice for fog machines in celebrity music videos. Following an internship at Comedy Central’s "The Colbert Report," Matt made it his goal to maintain a career in creativity.

After he shuts down the creative machine for the night, Matt heads back to the beautiful state of New Jersey to his apartment in Hoboken. He loves to dedicate his weekends to spontaneous road trips and planning his next big film production- even it just means bothering his friends with his fancy new camera.