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Lisa Dubow

Recon Inventor

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ith the word “why?” always on the tip of her tongue, Lisa’s inquisitive nature sparked an interest in behavior and psychology from a very early age. She’s channeled her enthusiasm for picking apart human intricacies into a personal appetite for investigating how behavioral patterns are influenced by the interplay of pop culture and technology.

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Communications, Lisa took her interests to advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, where she tackled the role of social media planner on behalf of ABC Family. While there, she helped devise proposals that used novel digital technologies and ubiquitous social channels to effectively communicate with the network’s target millennial audience.

As a California native, Lisa stays true to her roots by devoting a portion of her free time to the obligatory and relentless search for the flawless NYC burrito. When that mission cannot be satisfied, she quells her taste buds by seeking refuge in one of the city’s killer bagel joints—always with cup of coffee in hand. When not scouring the city for food, Lisa can be found checking out the best of local new music and film, or planning her next overseas expedition, with new scenery and a bit of adventure her only requisites.