Lillian Xu

Lead Inventor

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illian’s instincts about consumers’ desires and needs are almost always spot-on. She’s put this talent to use on a wide range of projects at ?What If!, including identifying target consumers and unique ways to attract them for an American sports car brand in China, developing long-term brand and innovation strategies for a chocolate company, and repositioning a leading body care brand in Southeast Asia.

Lillian started her career as a Consumer Insights Manager at Procter & Gamble, using her insights about lower-income consumers to turn Tide into the leading laundry brand in China. Lillian also led the Consumer Insights Team for global emerging markets at Johnson & Johnson, where she studied consumer needs in beauty care and personal hygiene across various emerging markets.

Lillian loves exploring her homeland of China, as well as the world outside its borders. She’s also trying to master Chinese calligraphy, which has helped her connect more deeply with her cultural roots.