Lil Lusty


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il’s enthusiasm for innovation has the power to soften even the most hardened cynics. She is in her element when creating meaningful learning experiences that set clients up for sustainable success.

Before ?What If! Lil worked at Condé Nast Publications managing teams and sales targets for Vogue and House & Garden. Three years later she moved to Promise, a co-creation consultancy, where she developed an online platform to harvest consumer insights. After a small break skiing and canoeing the wilds of Canada, ?What If! managed to lure Lil back the UK where she has been for five years. As a Transformation Inventor, she maintains a healthy tension between her unbounded sense of possibility and her commercial practicality. She brings this balanced approach to her work with companies like Barclays, Pernod Ricard, Sky, Red Bull, Sainsbury’s and the non-profit Fight For Peace.

Away from ?What If! Lil loves a good adventure; she has a passion for most sports, games and outdoor pursuits, including a bit of freestyle synchronised swimming!