New York

Katie Hillier

Lead Digital Anthropologist

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believer in applying the power of technology to better interpret the patterns and behaviors of people, Katie combines keen critical analysis with creative problem solving to develop new methodologies and uncover customer insights. She brings an extensive background in both traditional ethnographic research and new social media technologies to help clients understand their consumers—and, most importantly, form a deeper and more authentic connection with them.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Katie built the digital research division at Kelton, a global insights firm, which quickly became the fastest growing and most profitable new division at the company. In that capacity, she oversaw the creation of a customized digital research space for qualitative social media tracking and interaction and defined consumer insights for clients across diverse sectors—including MTV, Target, and Coca Cola. She received her master’s degree in online communities from the USC Annenberg School for Communications, where, as part of her thesis work, she launched a crowd-sourcing startup that mapped citywide trends by neighborhood and researched the effects of online communications and micro-blogging on human interactions and relationships.

Outside of work, Katie traces the sidewalks of East Williamsburg to photograph people who inspire her and goes on color explorations through Bushwick's graffiti-painted landscapes. Her background in fashion design keeps her creativity flowing—on weekends she designs costumes for plays, performance artists, and friends.