Julia Hoare

Corporate Officer

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ulia loves all things relating to tax! Sad but true! After obtaining an economics degree she entered the world of accountancy and, after running her own small accounting practice, she joined ?What If! as a consultant.

Previously Julia had been involved in setting up a number of entrepreneurial businesses ranging from companies to domiciliary care companies. Her expertise primarily relates to the hotel, club and restaurant sector. This experience has enabled Julia to see the full cycle of a business from launch to eventual sale and given her insight into the do's and don'ts of grooming businesses for sale and the pressures faced by entrepreneurs.

Julia briefly left ?What If! to have a baby but missed the challenges of work. She returned as Group Company Secretary and now primarily looks after ?What If!'s group tax planning, compliance and share scheme. When not playing taxi to her son, Julia spends time trying out new restaurants in London.