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t is very rare that one person reaches the top of a creative profession and a strategic profession in the same career, but Jon has done exactly that.

Armed with an MA from Oxford, he forged a successful career in the advertising industry where he was creative director for three major multinational advertising agencies, in the UK and Australia. After 20 years of writing commercials for everything from banks to AIDS awareness, Jon decided it was time to apply his creative skills to more strategic upstream problems, an impulse that led him to join ?What If! where he went on to found the Manchester office and pioneer ?What If!'s move into the pharmaceutical sector.

Currently Jon brings his special blend of highly creative thinking and strategic rigor to his role as leader of the ?What If! healthcare sector. Jon's clear-sighted analysis of key issues and generation of breakthrough solutions is now sought by many of the world's leading global healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. He is also increasingly in demand as a keynote speaker on subjects such as 'The Power of Insight to transform healthcare' (Harvard) and 'Disruptive Innovation in Clinical Trials' (Philadelphia, September 2011).

Jon lives in Manchester and has three sons, one very scruffy Labradoodle and two tortoises.