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ith a curiosity for life and a thirst for problem solving, Jean has an enthusiastically positive spirit that believes everything can be changed for the better. It helps that she’s an avid reader of Psychology & Behavioural Change blogs…, which means, with the right approach, this belief might actually be true…

With cross-cultural work experience shaped by London, Beijing and a bit of Shanghai, she offers a bit of Western work-sensibilities marred with the circumvent navigation around the Chinese workplace (or is that the other way round?). Prior to ?What If!, Jean grew up with the WPP media agency. As her role as Strategy Director, she helped teams deliver more innovative work for their clients, such as the award winning campaign of "Smart for Sale" for Taobao. In this role, she has also helped set up an MEC Library, MEC Book Club and an MEC “Management Trainee” Internship program to nurture developing talents.

All in all, Jean has diverse interests that sometimes make it hard to pin down. Nevertheless, an over-arching theme is thinking up potential business ideas (hope to make a quick buck some day?) and/or helping small businesses grow. Other things on her bucket list include: 1) Writing a book, 2) Starting a fashion line, 3) Go sky-diving and 4) …To self actualise. So far, only 1 of them has been checked off.