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Geoff Gibbins


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eoff applies equal parts optimism and skepticism to discover new perspectives on growth strategy. His wit is quick, he is the first to try something new and he is passionate about helping established organizations prove that disruption doesn't only come from startups. Over several years with ?What If!, Geoff has helped companies to conceive, secure funding for and launch a wide variety of new products and businesses, including, most recently, a new digital weight loss business and a pet insurance business. He has worked across a wide variety of sectors, from healthcare to financial services, and from consumer products to toilets.

Before joining ?What If!, Geoff started his career working for a major consumer media company and then moved to strategy consulting. His varied academic background includes studying genetics, anthropology, the history of Victorian dog breeding, statistics and animal behavior while earning degrees from the University of London and the University of Oxford.

Geoff lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their adorable young son, who keeps them pretty busy. You can ask Geoff for advice on playgrounds, strollers and Elmo.

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