New York

Enda King

Managing Director

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nda believes that innovation is not just about the consumer but also what's happening in the culture around the consumer. To this end, Enda is passionate about spotting consumer motivation and cultural currents and harnessing them into big ideas that feed business growth. Enda worked this magic in the past by repositioning The Body Shop in Europe, creating numerous successful spirits innovations in the US and developing a pioneering social responsibility strategy for Diageo that motivated young adults around the world to drink alcohol more responsibly.

Before joining ?What If!, Enda was managing director for strategy at Redscout where he led innovation and brand strategy development for clients such as Playboy, PepsiCo, Diageo and Motorola.

When he's not using his whipsmart 360-degree insight to keep up to speed with the latest trends and currents, Enda applies it to spotting the best restaurants and bars near his Brooklyn home.