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Emma Allen


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mma is cloaked in creativity, colour, and curls, with a core of commercial curiosity and a closet data geek. Emma teeters between the imaginative and hard-nosed analytical, and her running streak has been an energy around setting the bar high and driving the ‘sweet-spot’ intersection of creative thinking and strategic clarity, with a large side order of profit generation.

Emma was first inaugurated into the business world through advertising, followed by joining the L’Oreal Management Scheme, where she gained experience in everything from testing shampoo formulas to driving lipstick sales. She earned her status in marketing on L’Oreal’s fastest growing brand, Kiehl’s, where she also helped propel their e-commerce operations. Most recently, Emma swapped operational experience for upstream strategy at Mckinsey, where she has worked over on all kinds of business problems and developed an interest in social enterprise for the past two years. With a degree from Oxford University in Geography “City Consultancy,” she has helped global cities innovate on their brand and resources and even used her true academic interest, forensic geography, to publish a new technique innovation she researched– using pollen to catch criminals!

Passionate about art in all capacities, you can often find Emma holding a brush aimed at a canvas (or even her face), and trying out the latest dance-craze from sitting-room to club. Born and bred in London, Emma recently discovered happiness in escaping London with her friends for countryside Frisbee adventures, swiftly followed by an indulgent pub lunch.