Emily Dent

Lead Inventor

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s a child of a social entrepreneur and a mechanical engineer, Emily has an innate ability to balance human need with practical application.

Emily’s career started at the online news desk of The Sun newspaper. After building various publishers’ websites, she started one of the first social media departments in U.K. advertising at St Luke’s, working on Ikea, Strongbow and The Guardian. A project with Divine Chocolate led to a jump into the social enterprise world where she grew The Hub network from 10 spaces to a pipeline of 80. Before ?What If!, she joined NMIncite, a McKinsey/Nielsen joint venture that uses social media as a “big data” set to glean consumer insight and build brand strategy. Amongst others, she worked with Reckitt Benckiser on injecting consumer need into brand messaging, Tesco on giving the consumer a voice within the organisation, and AkzoNobel on activating their consumer segmentation.

Outside work she’s involved in a number of start-ups and social enterprises advising on marketing and growth strategy. She’s currently scouring junk shops for the next addition to the growing chair collection in her flat.