Elizabeth Real

Managing Director

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lizabeth has a well-honed gift for cultural foresight, leading her to dig into the market insights of today to predict the opportunities of tomorrow. She has applied this talent to discover bold, breakthrough solutions for the cough and cold category, redesign the smart phone, and develop brands and products for the next generation of pet owners. Her creative and collaborative leadership nurtures a robust exchange of ideas within her innovation projects and brings every team member’s best work to bear on the results.

This outlook shapes strong relationships with her clients and positions her as a talent lead and mentor to many ?What If!ers. That passion extends to coaching senior leadership teams on their journeys to articulate organization-wide innovation ambitions.  These crusades, like MolsonCoors’ Our Brew and ConAgra Foods’ Recipe for Growth, have been the heart and soul of successful business transformation strategies.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Elizabeth was lead strategist at Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve, where she developed future-focused innovation strategies and brand cultures for her clients—including Novartis Pharmaceuticals, PepsiCo, the Democratic National Committee, and Colgate-Palmolive—wrote Faith Popcorn's Notes from the Future, and led insight development for the Popcorn Report Live.

Elizabeth lives in Lower Manhattan with her husband, noted chef Michael Zulli.