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Lead Inventor

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d comes from a long line of 'practical trouble-shooters', which he credits for his appetite for seeking out what's really going on with people and creating new solutions for them. Ed has helped global mature businesses to time travel to 2020 and identify future commercial opportunities – then developed new products and services to cater for changing customer needs and expectations. Closer to today, Ed has worked with leading food and beverage companies to develop new products. Ed also helped Kraft to launch a revolutionary coffee product in the UK – the biggest news in instant coffee for over a decade.

Ed has an enthusiastic and down-to-earth approach to innovation, which he claims helps to get clients comfortable and creative, getting us closer to customers and open to uncovering new insights for client companies to commercialise. After all, we are people first and don't we all put trousers on one leg at a time?

Before joining ?What If! Ed's career has flipped from analytical to creative, starting out as an insurance underwriter, then moving to work in advertising before going analytical again at Accenture, working as a strategy manager and helping financial services customers to improve their internal processes and to operate with greater efficiency. Ed's first project with Barclays is now a Harvard Business School case study, and recently helped to launch a successful business process outsourcing spin-off under the Royal Mail.

Ed likes to eat cheese and drink red wine. When not consuming calories Ed can be found burning them on his bike, either lycra clad on the flat or sweating off-road up a mountain.