New York

Dipti Ratwani

Staff Accountant

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ipti has a love for math that goes all the way back to first learning to count. With her ability to apply the critical thinking required to calculate all of those equations and proofs, Dipti is an indispensable member of ?What If! New York’s Finance Team.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Dipti built and applied that knowledge to reinvent and simplify the AP processes for SeniorBridge, a leading healthcare company known for managing complex chronic care. More than just a mathematical mind, however, she established valuable relations with vendors by deploying her charm and candor.
Dipti is a closet gadget geek, going all the way back to buying her first beeper. She is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest in technology, but is even more excited to use those devices while traveling the world and exploring unfamiliar cultures.