bob kaeding

Bob Kaeding

eLearning Design Director

Bob develops novel ways to use technology that support and enable our clients to innovate. Lately, he has been designing integrated online/offline experiences that blend digital learning with practical workflow, enabling users to produce real outputs while they learn. He also designs custom digital learning and mobile apps for our clients.

Before joining ?What If!, Bob designed learning experiences for a management consulting firm, developed eLearning and learning strategies for Fortune 500 clients, and even worked at an AI research lab.

Outside of work, Bob enjoys building things – both high- and low-tech. One day, he intends to fill his family’s house with newly invented musical instruments and slightly uncomfortable, but amazing looking, furniture of his own design.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:
We developed a blended learning program to help a geographically dispersed team get ready to innovate together in person. Everyone participated in the digital learning and had an off-the-charts level of enthusiasm. Their passion really came through in their work online!

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