New York

Bob Kaeding

eLearning Design Director

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ith a passion for facilitating learning and over twenty years of experience designing compelling user experiences, Bob uses his role as ?What If!’s eLearning Design Director to lead the charge in developing novel ways for new technologies to support and enable our clients to innovate.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Bob designed learning experiences for McKinsey—delivered via web and mobile devices—to help consultants quickly get up to speed on diverse topics including corporate finance, operations, and medical administration. He has also built and developed eLearning and learning strategies for Fortune 500 clients as the learning solutions architect at Cognitive Arts, a pioneer in commercial eLearning ventures. Bob's interest in artificial intelligence started him on this career path, beginning in the early 90s when he was a content analyst at the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University—a learning technology and cognitive sciences research lab.

Bob has a stated passion for building gadgets, both high and low-tech, that delight and surprise the user—and one day he intends to fill his house with newly invented musical instruments and slightly uncomfortable furniture of his own construction. Until then, he currently shares that home with his wife and two daughters, where he spends his nights cooking and helping his eldest daughter write the continuing adventures of superhero Brave Girl as she fights off the nefarious Mr. Soap and bumbling Perber Pistor.