New York

Ara Weinberg

Lead Inventor

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ra has an intuitive sense of people, which makes her particularly great at working with both colleagues and clients. She seeks out fresh experiences and has eagle eyes for anything new and innovative and gets excited about sharing those discoveries with others.

In her tenure at ?What If!, Ara has contributed significantly to the growth of the business and, in turn, has grown herself. After five years working on innovation projects with clients like AZ, Unilever, Cadbury and Heineken, to name just a few, Ara established the Base team, the central new business function at ?What If!. In this role, Ara is creating training structure and expertise, applying her innovation experience to internal ?What If! development.

Before joining ?What If!, Ara spent a number of years in account management at Ogilvy & Mather and DDB, working primarily in packaged goods, and nurturing her love of kid marketing on brands like Post cereals and Capri Sun.

Today, when she's not starting up groundbreaking new ?What If! programs, Ara and her husband Eric exert most of their remaining energy playing with their toddler daughter Juliet and planning for the arrival of their son. They live in Hartsdale, NY.