?What If! Impact Partner Named One of UK's 'Amazing 15' People

Luke Dowdney—founder of Fight for Peace, a boxing and martial arts program for at-risk youth with academies in Rio de Janeiro and London—has been named one of The Telegraph's Amazing 15, the London publication's roundup of "the most exciting talent in Britain today." In 2010 ?What If! partnered with Dowdney to clarify and scale Fight for Peace's mission and build an innovative funding engine: Luta, an original street-wear clothing line, which The Telegraph celebrates as an invention "that brings together fight performance, favela street style and genuine social mission, providing Fight for Peace with a profit share." To watch The Telegraph's video profile of Dowdney, and to cast your vote in its Amazing 15 competition, click here. And to read more about ?What If!'s partnership with Fight for Peace, go here.

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