Co-Founder Matt Kingdon Combats Common ‘Naysayisms’ on

It’s particularly difficult for innovation to flourish in large organizations. In his second post for’s “Innovation Insights,” ?What If! Co-founder Matt Kingdon counters some of the most common “naysayisms” heard in corporate settings.

For example: “Experimentation, prototyping, beta testing—sure, great for tech start-ups, but this is a pharmaceutical company. We can’t just meddle around with customers or physicians like that! There are rules.” Matt’s response: “Some industries, like aviation, banking or health care are steeped in regulations, high capital costs, and long development cycles. Quick turnarounds seem beyond reach. But they shouldn’t give up; the danger is that these organizations don’t try anything new and become numb to entrepreneurial activity. Scour the cupboards for short-term changes. If you can’t change the molecules, can you change the packaging?”

For more strategies, read the full post here.

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