Create and deliver new products, services, brands, and revenue streams.

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Today’s growth expectations demand constantly fed pipelines of new products, services, and business improvements. Bold visions are a start—but they’re not enough. The question “How do we build a bigger, better pipeline?” needs to be answered specifically, with a roadmap of inspired yet executable solutions that not only delivers on a strategic vision but is fueled by the kind of creative magic that can set a company apart from its peers.

The products and pipelines we invent are commercial, lean, energized, and impactful. They buzz with the creativity that mobilizes organizations, differentiating them from competitors, and realize the growth agenda in previously unimagined ways—and in far less time.

We bring to inventing the experiences and the scars of 20 years in the innovation trenches. We are passionate innovation practitioners, unrelentingly driven by our commitment to:

Unearthing deeper insights. We dig aggressively for knowledge and connect disparate insights to unlock breakthrough thinking. We engage consumers as people, not as numbers, examine the fringes for extreme points of view, and look to parallel worlds for inspiration. Then we bring it all together to uncover exciting new opportunities that have real commercial impact.

Harnessing commercial constraints. To hard-wire businesses for impact, we identify and expansively define the boundaries around a challenge. Then we systematically push against those constraints to reboot and redirect an organization’s creative energy.

Using stimulus as fuel. Game-changing ideas don’t happen in ivory towers; they’re the product of provocation. We deliberately introduce stimulus at key moments to spark previously unasked questions and provoke truly original thinking. It’s how we push our clients and ourselves to new places.

Relentlessly iterating. Innovation isn’t “easy,” or linear: It takes a series of precisely orchestrated actions and interventions to unlock its promise. We systematically and tirelessly iterate to deliver fully built ideas—the kind that are ready to produce market impact, straight away.

Building the case for action. We bring our commercial expertise to bear at every turn. As we’re building a winning idea, we’re also creating a lean, scalable action plan and moving it forward within an organization. We lay out roadmaps that establish realistic milestones, manage risk, and swiftly get breakthrough ideas to market.

We believe successful inventing lies in introducing the right blend of commercial wisdom and creative magic to a company’s pipeline of products, brands, and services. As true innovation partners, we invent the arsenal of behaviors, tools, and revenue streams that will deliver emphatically on an organization’s growth agenda.

Recent Work

Partnering with the Asia executive team of a global healthcare giant, we identified strategic innovation opportunities to fuel growth in China for the next 10 years.

Created one of Summer 2010’s best-selling boys’ games in Europe and the US, generating over $40 million in revenue in its first five months.

Worked with a gold medal Olympian and his training team to develop innovative ways to increase the performance of the U.K. cycling team for the Beijing Olympics.

They helped us define a killer idea that resonates with customers and inspires our staff, whether they’re in Bangkok or Bournemouth, Bangalore or Buenos Aires.

Nick Allen, Vice President, Shell

While our initial meeting was product innovation, it was clear they had the capabilities to birth a brand from ground zero…and product would be just one part of that.

Gordon Wade, Director of Marketing, Nestle Purina Petcare


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