Develop breakthrough business models and pioneer new territories for growth.

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When it comes to long-term survival, incremental innovation isn’t enough. As upstart players tweak markets and topple empires, and as growth targets balloon, fundamentally major moves are critical to keeping the upper hand.

We deliver breakthrough innovation by pairing a sound grasp of market dynamics with a passion for highly flexible, rule-bending thinking. We break big issues down into solvable challenges, moving beyond conventional markets and into new territories of opportunity. Then we create differentiated propositions and business models that will thrive there.

Getting to disruptive strategies with clearly delineated paths to commercialization takes an energized and well-orchestrated journey. We lead the charge by:

Forcing new perspectives. We disrupt conventional thought patterns, moving beyond accepted truths about markets, consumers, and technologies—as well as exploring the periphery. By pushing on the rules and unexamined beliefs around markets, value propositions, and value chains, we move beyond existing boundaries and business models to plot out the territories that hold game-changing promise.

Scouting and charting higher-order insights. We define the rules of this new model, ferreting out what consumers value right now, and where customer needs will move next. Then we identify the value levers to meet those needs head on.

Gathering game changers. We look systematically, both inside and out, for the partners, technologies, acquisitions, and business models that will unlock value and ensure victory in these new markets.

Iterating and cultivating the answer. Breakthrough innovation isn’t the product of conventional diagnostic analysis; it takes practice. We iterate early, implementing low-risk pilots of the business models we create. As we build toward a genuinely disruptive initiative, we capture learning and focus on those strategies that deliver unmitigated breakthroughs. It’s just one of the ways we underpin creative thinking with a comprehensive understanding of commercial realities.

We successfully tackle disruption by blending unparalleled commercial analysis with inspired, rule-busting creativity. By doing so at precisely the right moments along an innovation journey, we move businesses into previously uncharted, instantly fertile growth territories.

Recent Work

Explored radical new business models for taking global mobile-phone operator into the savings and payment world for low-income customers in Europe and Africa.

Created a new platform for a leading global pharmaceutical company, expanding the value of its core businesses to increase customer engagement and loyalty and unlocking new revenue streams.

Working with the executive team of Europe’s leading paper company, we helped reinvent its future, resulting in a new business model for current business, a radical move into an adjacent market, and a bold new vision and product offering for the future.

Together we confronted the challenges of the radical changes to the travel industry—in particular the increasing importance of digital—and defined a new competitive model for the Bahamas and the foundation for a new path to growth.

David Johnson, Director General, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism


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