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Simply having great ideas is no guarantee that they’ll be realized, see the light of day, and become profitable innovation successes. There are few frustrations greater than watching big ideas, promising technologies, and relevant insights languish in tortuous vetting and commercialization processes, burning precious time while vital opportunities become stories of “we almost did that.” And too often the initiatives that do make it to market are shadows of the exciting ideas that conceived them.

We set our partners on accelerated paths through their commercialization hurdles, propelling stalled ideas into the world in months, not years. We instill organizations with an innovation-ready mind-set of decisiveness, communication, and bravery, empowering them to make the right choices with speed and confidence; and our experience and perspective allow us to isolate and protect the core of an idea during its journey to market. We bring winning ideas into the world through:

Expediting decision-making. Sharing knowledge, creating alignment, and making tough choices are common bottlenecks, especially in global organizations. We cut through politics and rhetoric, presenting the issues around an idea and the case for action simply and quickly enough to make smart, decisive moves.

Escaping procedural straitjackets. Established, one-size-fits-all tools and procedures stall innovative initiatives every day. We identify acceptable shortcuts and alternatives, enabling businesses to be more nimble with commercialization and smarter with risk-taking—all in the service of getting ideas built and into the world faster.

Bulletproofing idea DNA. No idea survives its contact with commercialization unchanged. But to lose the DNA of an idea—its key benefit to the consumer, its competitive edge, its exciting essence—is to kill the idea before it’s born. We isolate this DNA and protect it from the rigors of commercialization, ensuring that its value remains as it is made practical and profitable in the market.

Entrepreneurial action. We are experts at turning ideas into concepts, concepts into pilots, and pilots into launches. Technical, cost, and legal roadblocks often stand in the way—and we bring our cross-industry experience to bear on skirting these barriers and unleashing ideas for impact.

The barriers to accelerated commercialization are often rooted in the very procedures and practices intended to remove risk and expedite innovation. By provoking the right behaviors and mind-sets and extracting the essence of great ideas for sharing, building, and approval within an organization, we plow through the hurdles to impact and get real innovation done.

Recent Work

Partnered with an international luxury hotel chain to create a fast-moving and responsive culture of innovation and enabled rapid development and piloting of new guest experiences at the property level; global rollout was achieved within months.

Working with a revolutionary but stalled technology within client’s innovation portfolio, we bent the rules of the market to create a new category and brand of instant coffee; one million packs sold within first four weeks of launch.

Leveraged a proprietary technology to develop three new expansive strategies for home-improvement and building-goods company; rapidly prototyped and iterated new product ideas to accelerate time to market.

Working with ?What If!, Gap brands was able to deliver a greater number of solutions in record time to some of our innovation challenges. Getting more of our ideas into market and into the hands of customers is the only way innovation can drive real ROI.

Ivy Ross, Creative Catalyst, GAP Inc.


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